L3.2 At lunchtime

Lunchtime. My favourite time of the day! Let's talk about food...

It's very important to eat healthily so we are going to talk about fruit and vegetables now.

What's your favourite fruit? I love strawberries. Anyway, let's learn the English names of some common fruits and vegetables.


I wanted to show you the names of some fruits and vegetables but the riddler has stolen all the vowels. Look at the words under the pictures and replace the question marks (?) for a vowel (a, e, i, o, u).

For example, h??s? = house / h?ll? = hello / w?lc?m? = welcome

Write the words in the boxes next to the pictures.


How was it? Did you get all the words correct? Use the file below to test your memory and write the words on your notebook.

Now let's have a look at some popular foods and drinks.

Look at the picture below and write the words in your notebook. Then open the file under the picture and check your answers.

Good work. That's it for this lesson. See you later!