L1.1: A Healthy Lifestyle

Read and Learn

Read about Lilly. She's a healthy young girl from Scandinavia who loves exercising and light food. Do you have similar lifestyles?

Now read about Fiffy, Lilly's dog. Whose lifestyle is more similar to yours?


Read the sentences about Lilly and Fiffy and mark which type of situations they represent.

How was it? Did you get most answers right?

Anyway, you have probably noticed that all the sentences in the quiz above are either in the present simple or the present continuous. The quiz asked you to match the sentences to some of the situations in which we use the present simple or the present continuous.

Do you remember them? Let's give it a try.

Choose which verb tense should be used in the situations below.

Now it's your turn!


Write a paragraph about your lifestyle in the comments session below. Please use examples of both present simple and continuous, ok?

Also, it'd be very good for you to interact with other students as well. So why not read their comments and ask a question or two?

Good writing!